Our Sustainability Strategy - Rombola Family Farms
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Our Sustainability Strategy

Rombola Family Farms has a multi-faceted approach to sustainability and are proud and open about how we are doing our part.


At Rombola Family Farms, we are committed to sustainable agriculture practices that protect our most precious resources. 

Agriculture and horticulture industries are responsible for using the largest percentage of the worlds’ fresh water supply. That it is why it is extremely important to us to conserve water as much as possible; making the most out of every drop. 

Rombola Family Farms utilise state-of-the-art drip irrigation systems to irrigate our crops, which provide precise volumes of water at specific intervals. This helps to conserve water and prevent runoff, evaporation and crop loss. Crops are inspected frequently and at all stages of maturity so that water levels can be adjusted based on absorption rates. This ensures that our crops are getting the right amount of water while minimising wastage. 

Rombola Family Farms use recyclable packaging and produce our own compost from waste products. By minimising our waste we are able to reduce our impact on the environment and produce healthy food for our community!

Increasing Yields 

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are using the latest equipment and techniques available.

Rombola Family Farms operate one of the largest trial programs in the country, testing new varieties of crops to see if they are suitable for our farms; always working toward crops that require less water and are more resilient to pests and diseases. 

One example of our innovative farming practices is our harvest aid machine. This sheltered, self-propelled machine can transport 18 staff across the top of melon fields, picking only those melons that are ripe for harvest. This helps us to reduce wastage and ensure that our customers receive only the best quality fruit.

Adding Value

We are focused on adding value to our supply chain in order to produce the highest quality crops for consumption. Once harvested, our fresh produce is transported to on-site packing facilities and placed into cold storage, removing field heat in under four hours.

Our agronomists monitor all crops daily and ensure nutrition and pest management are well balanced, along with our daily weather monitoring system. This allows us to accurately forecast the supply of produce weeks in advance and maximise efficiency along the supply chain.

Our watermelons are harvested and packaged in the field using harvest aids for increased efficiency and improved freshness. This dispatch schedule helps ensure a steady supply of fresh produce to our customers.

Employee Empowerment

Rombola Family Farms strives to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce in order to ensure our long-term success. We engage and develop our current employees, offering rewarding and empowering career paths to help them grow and succeed.

Our farms are located in remote areas, so we work with local governments to seek ways to help with community development. We believe in assisting the community to grow and contribute to the improvement of our employee’s quality of life.

Our workforce comes from different backgrounds, and we are proud to promote equal employment opportunity, promotion based on merit, and a fair process when managing performance. By valuing diversity and inclusion, we create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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